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aluminum corrugated board Aluminum corrugated board

China's earliest production and processing of aluminum veneer ceiling, one of the curtain wall manufacturers

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900*900 aluminum corrugated board

900*900铝扣板是Guangzhou Kaimai Metal Building Materials Co., Ltd行业首推的“超平板”系列产品,解决了天花拼缝多,美观度不够等问题。行业首创900*900和1200*1200的超大规格,Mainly applicable to the subway, hospitals, airports, hotels, office buildings and other public environment.

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Super plate gusset plate

Ultra-flat Pinch

Super plate as an innovative alternative product its broad market prospects

Perfect flatness plus perfect performance of aluminum Products

And the punching plate has its perfect sound-absorbing performance, conquering the eyes of countless designers is a well-deserved honeycomb panel expert.

Especially our safety buckle specially designed for super plate series gusset plate

The problem of insufficient wind pressure resistance is directly solved.

aluminum veneer curtain wall

aluminum veneer curtain wall

It is not difficult to find that the plasticity of the super plate is very high

High Plasticity

The gap between the board and the board is very detailed and they can hardly see it.

And the flatness is very high.

aluminum veneer curtain wall

Super plate series aluminum gusset plate

aluminum veneer curtain wall

Traditional old aluminum gusset plate

Scope of application


Mainly applicable to the subway, hospitals, airports, hotels, office buildings and other public environment.

aluminum veneer curtain wall

Sweet aluminm Ceiling Series

Installation drawing of super plate

Installation-Ultra Flat Panel Dark Rack


Super Plate Hook-Up Installation


Enterprise Introduce

Enterprise Introduction

Guangzhou Kaimai Metal Building Materials Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. It is one of the earliest enterprises in mainland China to produce and process aluminum veneer ceiling and aluminum veneer curtain wall. Its predecessor is a well-known professional OBM processing enterprise in Guangdong. The company covers an area of more than 30000 square meters and has a total investment of 30 million yuan. It mainly has curtain wall plate processing workshop, aluminum ceiling processing workshop, honeycomb plate composite workshop, special-shaped plate processing workshop and sound absorbing panel processing workshop, PPG spraying workshop, large warehouse and comprehensive office building, etc.

The company has advanced and automated production equipment: large-scale CNC machining center, CNC multi-station punch, 6m CNC shearing machine, bending machine, engraving machine, 6m CNC bending machine and other professional production equipment, as well as the United States PPG, AkzoNobel and DURACOAT approved and designed and manufactured by the United States company up to 580 meters of computer numerical control spraying line. The company has more than three hundred employees, 75% of whom have a college degree or above. The engineering and technical team is composed of experienced professionals, who have participated in the tracking design and installation of large-scale engineering projects at home and abroad. In addition, through technical cooperation with Deckel, Maho of Germany, KME Company of Florence and Gildmeiste R, and technical cooperation with Institute of Building Acousto and Optics of Chang'an University and Institute of Acoustics of Tongji University, R & D capabilit

At present, KLCC Aluminum's Products already have hundreds of product specifications such as aluminum veneer ceiling, curtain wall, honeycomb panel, sound-absorbing panel, hanging curtain hanging sheet, aluminum square pass, aluminum magnesium manganese roof, etc. With strong research and development capabilities and dedication to excellent quality, the company further strengthens the market influence of KLCC Aluminum, and better provides customers with fast, high-quality Products and good services.

Heaven is healthy, the gentleman is constantly striving for self-improvement, the terrain is Kun, and the gentleman carries things with virtue. KLCC Aluminum is the essence of being a man with integrity, the attitude of doing things in a down-to-earth manner, the pursuit of high goals, strict and meticulous management, and sophisticated technical equipment. Serve customers as always, and work hard to make KLCC Aluminum a world famous brand!

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aluminum veneer curtain wall

aluminum veneer curtain wallGuangzhou Kaimai Metal Building Materials Co., Ltd

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