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Brand Specialist:


1, responsible for the album, brochure, gift, packaging, sample design;

2. Responsible for product promotion activities, including venue cooperation, event planning, brand promotion;

3. Understand, analyze and feedback the market competition situation, coordinate and deal with the emergencies of the Products in charge

4, regular market information collection and collation and analysis work, put forward the appropriate marketing ideas.


1、25-35Years old, Junior College degree or above, major in design, familiar with various design software, strong writing skills in documents and characters;

2、有3More than years of marketing experience, with active thinking, positive spirit and personality to accept challenges;

3, honest, honest, cheerful, strong sense of responsibility, good at communicating with people;

4, have certain organization and coordination ability, can bear and break through the work pressure, with photography hobby.

Salary and welfare: 4000~8000 (meal allowance, insurance purchase, transportation allowance, performance bonus, annual travel)


Regional Sales Manager:

Job Description:

1, the company\'s product sales, coordination with the company\'s various departments to ensure the smooth completion of the sales plan;

2. Provide high-quality after-sales service, handle customer complaints and feedback quality problems in time;

3, responsible for after-sales collection work;



1、25 to 45Years old, outgoing personality, quick response, strong expression ability, strong communication skills and communication skills, strong training ability, affinity and certain public relations ability;

2、有2More than years of after-sales sales experience, familiar with the building materials industry, able to adapt to long-term business trips, have double after-sales experience in dealer development and engineering sales, and have team skills and organizational skills;

3、具有2More than years of sales experience in building materials, aluminum curtain wall, smallpox or customer resources is preferred;

4、会使用CADSuch as drawing software, will look at the related nodes, installation drawings preferred;

5. Good business relations and contacts are preferred in public channels such as shipping, aerospace, furniture, ground, railway stations, high-speed railway stations, airports, large enterprises, tooling design institutes, China Construction, etc.

Salary and welfare: 5000~10000 (meal allowance, insurance purchase, transportation allowance, communication allowance, performance bonus, annual travel)


Customer Service Manager:

Job Description:

1, responsible for the whole department, team formation and daily work, to ensure the normal work of the team;

2. Pay attention to departmental etiquette and politeness, provide a good external image of the company, and check whether the service standards conform to the company\'s specifications;

3. Check the work flow of customer service and set an example to advocate the service concept that customers think of us and customers don\'t think of us;

4. Maintain good service order and provide smiling, active, enthusiastic, meticulous, fast and accurate customer service;

5, do a good job in coordination and management with other departments, in the work to achieve upward and downward vertical and horizontal communication between departments, and pay attention to the work of employees within the department at any time;

6. Be responsible for establishing good communication relationship with customers, implementing customer consultation and customer Q & A, and feedback customers\' opinions and suggestions;

7, seriously and correctly answer the customer\'s questions, solve each customer complaint work; Do a good job in customer complaints and reception, timely feedback to the leadership of customer opinions and suggestions;

8, responsible for arranging staff professional knowledge training and staff performance assessment;

9. Complete other tasks temporarily assigned by superior leaders.


1、25-35岁,5年以上商务资深客服经验,3年或以上本行业客服主管/Manager experience.

2, familiar with the website and all kinds of software operation process (commodity management, transaction process, payment process, evaluation system, complaint system, etc.).

3, good at team building, can effectively manage the team to complete the company\'s goals.

4, dare to assume, responsible, and have super pressure resistance and execution

Salary and welfare: 4500~8000 (meal allowance, insurance purchase, transportation allowance, communication allowance, performance bonus, annual travel)


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