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What factors affect the price of aluminum honeycomb panels?

Article Source: Guangzhou Kaimai Metal Building Materials Co., Ltd. 人气:-Published: 2022-06-02 13:06:00

We have talked a lot about the price of aluminum honeycomb panels before, but today someone asked me about the price of aluminum honeycomb panels. Let us recall the factors that make up the price of aluminum honeycomb panels. What is the price of aluminum honeycomb panels? The following are five factors that affect the price of aluminum honeycomb panels.

aluminum honeycomb panel

Specification of 1. aluminum honeycomb panel

At present, aluminum honeycomb panels are very common in the market. For the consumption habits of consumers, manufacturers on the market also have slight size differences. Some manufacturers directly customize according to the order. Different sizes have different prices.

Thickness of 2. aluminum honeycomb panel

In addition to the size, how to choose the right aluminum honeycomb panel? The thickness of the common aluminum honeycomb panel on the market is generally 10mm-50mm, and the thickness of some brands can reach 6mm-10mm. In addition to the overall thickness, it also depends on the thickness of the panel and the thickness of the bottom plate. As we all know, the thickness of aluminum veneer is only 1.5 mm-3.0mm, and the thickness of honeycomb core accounts for a high proportion. Therefore, for example, for the same total thickness of 10mm aluminum honeycomb panel, in addition to looking at the overall thickness, it is also necessary to compare the panel thickness. The prices of different panel thicknesses are different.

3. surface process aluminum honeycomb panel

The surface treatment process of aluminum honeycomb panels depends to a large extent on the product quality of Chengdu, which is also a concern of many customers. The surface is smooth and delicate, and the feel is rich. This is the performance of high-quality aluminum honeycomb panels. Conversely, if it feels more astringent, the surface process may not be in place. In addition, some manufacturers will spray the surface process of aluminum honeycomb panels. The advantage of this is that it can also play an anti-corrosion and wear-resistant role in places where we cannot see, and the service life can be longer.

Accessories for 4. aluminum honeycomb panel

The accessories of the aluminum honeycomb panel ceiling are similar to those of the aluminum gusset, but there will be more accessories. Due to weight and other reasons, there will be more anti-buckle and other accessories, which play a small but important role. Therefore, in the installation of aluminum honeycomb panels, some accessories cannot be ignored.

5. logistics transportation costs

Due to its area and weight, the transportation of aluminum honeycomb panels is more complex and diversified, and there is no uniform price for the transportation distance across cities and provinces. In addition, the number of aluminum honeycomb panels is also critical. Large quantity and high logistics freight will also affect the price.

  在全球资源节约和生态环境保护的呼声下,一种成本低、节约的新型节能材料——aluminum honeycomb panel应运而生。aluminum honeycomb panelIt is a new type of environmental protection top wall decoration material. From the appearance point of view, due to its special materials and environmental protection, it is recognized by the market and favored by many consumers, because it has light weight, high rigidity, good compression performance, smooth and scratch resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, and fire protection., Good heat preservation effect and other characteristics.

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