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Wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel new building decoration material

Article Source: Guangzhou Kaimai Metal Building Materials Co., Ltd. 人气:-Published: 2022-06-01 12:51:00

The application of aluminum honeycomb panels is more and more extensive, and it has become a new type of environmentally friendly furniture and building decoration materials. In short,wood grain aluminum honeycomb panelThe surface presents the decorative effect of wood veneer and is a widely used decorative material. The wood veneer of aluminum honeycomb panel can be realized by various medium-sized surface treatment processes, including roller coating wood grain, transfer wood grain, ultraviolet printing wood grain, wood grain coating, etc. The cost and production process of each process are different. The following small series will be introduced to you one by one.

wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel

Roller coated wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel, coated with wood grain paint on the aluminum coil through a roller coating production line to make a wood grain aluminum coil, and then use a leveling production line to level the aluminum coil, open the material into pieces, and bend the wood grain aluminum plate into Box shape, and then hot-pressed composite with aluminum honeycomb core and aluminum back panel. Roller coated wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel is an aluminum honeycomb panel is a pre-roll coated aluminum panel, and then formed into a composite material. There are certain requirements for quantity. The quantity is too small to customize the roller coated wood grain board.

To transfer the wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel, first bend the light aluminum plate into a box, spray the base powder on the light aluminum plate, and then transfer the wood grain texture to the aluminum plate through thermal transfer technology, and then the box-type wood grain aluminum plate and aluminum honeycomb core, aluminum plate Hot pressing composite formed.

Ultraviolet printing wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel, first bend the light aluminum plate into a box, then enter the light aluminum honeycomb panel through hot pressing composite material, and then print the wood grain decoration on the surface of the light aluminum honeycomb panel through ultraviolet printing technology. This process does not require quantity, and small batches It can also be customized.

The wood grain coated aluminum honeycomb panel is covered with a layer of wood grain decorative film on the light aluminum roll through the film coating production line, opened into a piece of material, the wood grain film aluminum plate is bent into a box, and then hot-pressed with the aluminum honeycomb core and the aluminum back plate to form. This process is more similar to rolling wood grain aluminum honeycomb panels. Wood grain film can be used to import high-end wood grain decorative film to highlight the value of the product.

Wood grain aluminum honeycomb panels are widely used in interior decoration. It can replace the traditional wood decorative materials, more environmentally friendly, fireproof, waterproof, moisture-proof. Especially in today\'s increasingly stringent indoor requirements, environmental protection and fire prevention are the primary tasks. Therefore, wood grain aluminum honeycomb panels will bring new opportunities.

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