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arc aluminum square through what is not the same?

Article Source: Guangzhou Kaimai Metal Building Materials Co., Ltd. 人气:-Published: 2022-04-11 23:36:00

The curved aluminum square pass product of the curved aluminum square pass manufacturer is a new material in the modeling industry. Its shape can be completely customized according to customer preferences. The shape of the product is almost different.

Arc aluminum square

Why is it a new material in the modeling industry? Because there is no specified requirement for its modeling shape, it can not only be customized according to the customer\'s preferences, but also some innovative design according to the designer\'s ideas, so that the product can be injected into the designer\'s design in the decoration. So the future of architectural decoration, is no longer cold reinforced concrete buildings. This is a work of art infused with soul.

The arc-shaped aluminum square pass product is equivalent to the arc-shaped aluminum square pass. It is very suitable for some concealed projects, especially in public places. It is also convenient for indoor air circulation, exhaust, and heat dissipation. It can also improve the light distribution of the indoor space. The arc-shaped aluminum square pass decoration, Not only has the above effect, but also has a more artistic shape decoration, and the visual effect is more advanced.

  例如,一些大型食品购物中心大多将Arc aluminum squareThe shape is transformed into a wavy shape, that is, using some exaggerated, deformed, bold, and fashionable temperament to radiate the appearance of the product. Make the food city, not only food, but also the visual effects of food, can decorate the entire food shopping center, the decoration is very high-end, atmospheric, and fashionable. To a certain extent, it boldly breaks through the traditional decorative appearance, and is more inclined to personalized colors. Pursue fashion trends, a little different colors, can combine different styles to create different visual effects.

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