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Where is the honeycomb aluminum plate suitable for? After reading it, you will know.

Article Source: Guangzhou Kaimai Metal Building Materials Co., Ltd. 人气:-Published: 2022-05-18 13:28:00

Honeycomb aluminum plate is a new type of material, which is more common in the field of architectural decoration and has a high utilization rate. Honeycomb aluminum plate is a kind of metal composite plate material based on aviation industry composite honeycomb plate technology in the field of civil construction.

Honeycomb aluminum plate

The honeycomb aluminum plate is so named because this metal composite plate is a honeycomb sandwich structure, and the surface is a decorative coating with excellent fire resistance and high-strength alloy aluminum plate. The bottom plate is a composite plate made of aluminum honeycomb core at high temperature and high pressure. Honeycomb aluminum plate material selection is excellent, advanced technology, reasonable structure, light weight, but excellent toughness, strength, sound insulation and heat insulation performance. Large size, high surface flatness, many choices of shape, color and installation.

In addition to alloy materials, honeycomb aluminum panel can also be selected according to customer needs stainless steel, marble and other materials.

The entire processing process of the honeycomb aluminum plate is completed in a modern factory. The hot press forming technology is adopted. Due to the high thermal conductivity value between the aluminum plate and the honeycomb, the thermal expansion and cold contraction of the inner and outer aluminum plates are synchronized; there are holes on the honeycomb aluminum plate to make the gas in the plate Free flow; the sliding installation buckle system will not cause deformation of the plate structure during thermal expansion and cold contraction.

  Honeycomb aluminum plateIt can be customized in the factory according to actual needs, so that the size and shape of the board are very flexible, so that the honeycomb aluminum plate is widely used in practical applications. Honeycomb aluminum plate is suitable for civil construction, ship decoration, rail transportation and other fields. At the same time, billboards, interior decoration and other projects are also suitable for indoor partition and commodity display platform, the application field is very wide.

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